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Oct. 2nd, 2015

So, after [personal profile] zombieallomorph 's post with the quote from Naomi Novik' "Uprooted", I immediately bought it. And it's awesome. I started it yesterday at about 8 pm and couldn't stop reading until I finished it at 4 am. I loved the magic system (though the magic word did sound a bit ridiculous to me at times, but that's always a danger of inventing spells) and I freaking loved the Wood. I love it when the bad/evil things in a book are so present and actually dangerous. Also, the Corruption is a great way to keep the tension between the characters high and adds a horror layer to the Wood. Especially since we see how horrible it is.

I also liked the style, which isn't given considering it's first person. I also liked Nieshka and Kasia, and Sakran is a fun bastard. (And can I get a spin-off about Alosha's life or Jaga's? Plz?) I'm not sure how I feel about the romance between Nieshka and Sakran. I kinda like the scene where they mix and lose control of their magic, but it is hard for me to accept that she grew to love him even though he's scolding and trying to insult her so much. I can see that he's all bark and no bite, but I still don't like it. I do like, however, that Nieshka doesn't just accept everything he throws at her, but fights back and stands her ground.

The Les Yay between her and Kasia is also high. I would ship them as a triangle.

Also, the first scene with Nieshka and Marek in the tower? I still feel it's bad. I found her thought process while he assaulted her very iffy. Apart from that the book was great, though (and she pounded his head with a tray for the assault, which pleases me, at least).

In other news, my leg is starting to feel almost like before the break. It's still missing strength, but I can feel how it becomes stronger every week. Also, I might start a voluntary social year soon. I'm excited.



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